“Does God care?”


It’s a question that’s plagued millions of minds for almost as long as man has had the capacity to think. The fact that you’re here on this page right now means you’ve probably asked the same question at some point in your life.


The answer is yes. Yes, God cares. And beyond just caring, He has a plan. It’s a plan that includes the entirety of humanity—a plan that includes you.


Whether you’re still searching for proof that God cares for you, or just looking to discover more about how God cares for you, the free articles and literature you’ll find on this page will aid you in your study.


Our world and the prospect of life itself can be a dreary concept when we remove God from the picture. But when we leave room in our conceptions for a loving God who cares for His creation, everything changes. That God is real, as is His love and care for you.


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Why Does God Allow Suffering?Why Does God
Allow Suffering?








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